What Determines The Price Setting Of Human Hair Wigs?

What Determines The Price Setting Of Human Hair Wigs?

Any hair made from natural human hair is usually more expensive than synthetic. Be it weaves, extensions, sew-ins, frontals, or closures. The more the hair quantity, the higher the cost. For example, 3 bundles with closure cost more than one or two bundles. This tells you that the pricing of human hair wigs is dependant on several factors. This extract explains things that determine the price setting of human hair wigs.

Determinants of human hair prices

It's confusing how two wigs of, same length, size, and color would differ in price. The reasons for this are;

1. The state of the human hair wigs hair

These wigs are made from pure or blended hair. Pure means the hair is 100 percent human hair and has no additives. Also, no chemical processes have been done to it. After the hair donation, it goes through washing and is later dried for construction. At this point, the hair is ready for sale, and you can wear it immediately after buying. The blended type is a mixture of human hair with other materials like animal hair. The quality is lower than that of pure hair, but it's still good. However, the animal air may cause allergies in some people. This is why virgin hair is more expensive than blended hair.

2. Type of hair used on the human hair wigs

Human hair is an umbrella of various types of Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair. Donors from different regions around the world donate hair for wig construction. Some of the hair is named based on their origin, while others have names based on their qualities. Suppliers group human hair into donator and floor hair. Donator hair is way more expensive than floor hair.

Donator hair is never mass-produced. This is because it comes from the donor and needs time to grow. It also has cuticles hence the high price. Floor hair has no cuticles and needs detangling. Once the knots and tangles are out, its' placed in an acidic solution to retain its condition and feel smooth. Donator hair is more durable than floor hair, so it's sold higher.

3. The density of the human hair wigs

Ideally, heavier hair costs more than the lighter one. The weight of virgin human hair is greater than blended hair. Be careful when choosing wigs, as some have fillers that increase their weight. This prompts the seller to sell the hair at the price of a natural hair wig while it's not. Always buy wigs from credible sources that sell genuine things. It helps to avoid such instances where you get the wrong products.

4. The ratio of hair in the wigs

The ratio refers to the volume or length of the hair. Longer wigs are more expensive than shorter wigs. There are more bundles of hair in long hair than short, as in the case of frontals or closures.

Bottom line

The qualities of human hair play a huge part in price setting. In addition to the factors mentioned, quality is essential. It means some human hair wigs are better than others. It's advisable to go for virgin hair if you can afford it. If you get the blended hair, make sure to maintain it well so it lasts longer, or you'll need a new one much sooner.