What are the Features of Foam Filled Fenders?

What are the Features of Foam Filled Fenders?

Foam filled fenders are a great option for your boat. They are lightweight, easy to use and can be used in a variety of situations.

The foam filled fender is made with a thick foam core that is surrounded by a durable outer shell. This gives it the ability to absorb impact while remaining flexible enough to take on water without damaging your boat.

Different types of foam filled fenders

There are many different types of foam filled fenders out there, but they all have some basic features in common:

Great floating performance

Foam filled fenders have great floating performance and can float even if the boat is sunk. This means that even when there is high water level in the river or sea, you can still use these foamed fenders to protect your boat from any damage.

Bright colours available

The common colour that you see in most foamed fenders is yellow, but other colours are also available upon customer request. You might want to get blue, red or green foamed fenders for your yacht so that it will stand out from other yachts on the sea or river.

No Air Inflation Needed

A foam filled fender does not require any air inflation as they are made from solid foam material which can be easily installed or removed from the boat using the same method as one would use to remove a tire from its rim.

High Energy Absorption

Foam filled fenders have a high energy absorption capacity which means that they can absorb more impact force than traditional non-foamed type of floating fenders. This makes them ideal for mooring and berthing applications where there is heavy traffic especially during bad weather conditions such as storms, hurricanes etc.

Reasonably resistant to acid and alkali

Foam filled fenders have a strong resistance to acids and alkalis. This makes them ideal for use in marine environments where there is risk of chemical corrosion. They can be used for long periods without any problems caused by corrosion or other forms of degradation that would render them useless.

Good Angular Performance

Foam filled fenders have good angular performance, which means they can withstand impacts from different angles without getting damaged or breaking down easily. This ensures that the boat remains protected against collision damage at all times when it’s moored or docked in an area where there is a lot of traffic coming into contact with it.

Extremely Long Useful Life:

Foam Filled Fenders have an extremely long useful life as they have been designed using high quality materials that are not susceptible to corrosion or any other damage over time. This makes them ideal for all types of applications where heavy loads are involved such as ports, marinas, docks etc


Foam filled fenders are not just for decorative purpose, they also have their advantages in helping on eliminating long-term expenses on repair and maintaining cost. So, before you decide on getting a boat fender, here is a list of great benefits it will give you. Foam filled boat fender helps to absorb the shockwaves properly, it will give an comfortable impact. This is an excellent choice since the boats with the foam filled fenders can provide more resistance and handling stability even at high speed when docking.