Best Ideas for a Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration

Best Ideas for a Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration

One of the most memorable attractions at your wedding is the wedding stage. It is, therefore, essential to find the most appropriate wedding stage decoration that will satisfy the expectations of your dream wedding.

The concept of an ideal dream wedding differs from person to person. Some may opt for a lavish, grand, expensive wedding, and others may choose a simple low-budget ceremony. It is still possible to have the wedding you always dreamed of, even on a budget.

If you have embarked on the difficult task of searching for a lavish low-budget wedding stage decoration idea, then you're in the right place. We have put together some of the best wedding stage ideas that are gorgeous and budget-friendly.

Bohemian theme wedding stage decoration

The bohemian theme decoration creates a tent-like structure on the stage using patterned drapes. Apart from flowers, you can use a hanging tapestry tassel or a natural backdrop. Then give your wedding stage design a magical look by putting twinkling LED lights around the stage.

Use sustainable materials for wedding stage decoration

You use natural things like twigs and branches and mix them with colorful flowers to give your wedding an organic design.

Beautifully painted plastic cups tied on strings with lights together with flowers can create an amazing backdrop for your wedding stage. Add bright lights around to make the stage more attractive and classy.

A floral low-budget wedding stage decoration

Using different shades of flowers to design your wedding stage will give your wedding a natural appearance. The most popular flower decorations used for the backdrop are orchids, roses, and hydrangeas.

If you want something that does not involve much work, use an artificial flower arrangement. Although artificial flowers are a bit more costly than natural plants, they don't need watering, won't wither, and require less maintenance. You will have more time with other arrangements.

Some of the best low-budget floral wedding stage ideas are:

  • Flowers and pastel drapes - If you're planning a beachside wedding, pastel drapes and a lovely flower arrangement with the aqua blue water will give your wedding a modern feel and minimalistic look.
  • Floral wreath - Decorating a wedding stage with a beautiful floral wreath with lights hanging is another simple and low-budget wedding stage decor. It's also an excellent backdrop where you can take your wedding pictures.
  • Florals and white ribbons - A bouquet of flowers and putting foliage on both sides gives a classy and elegant look perfect for an intimate beach wedding.

Outdoor natural location wedding stage decoration

Having your wedding in an outdoor natural location can save you a lot of money. You will not need to put many decorations on a lakeside, park, or beach as the lush green lawn and blue skies give your wedding a beautiful, elegant, and nature-themed look.

Outdoor weddings are best during winter when the weather is cool, and your guest won't be sweating all through the wedding ceremony.


A wedding is the most important day of a couple's life, and everything must go according to plan. Nowadays, people are becoming more creative when it comes to low-cost wedding stage decorations.

You need not worry if you're on a tight budget or intend to spend less; these and other low-budget wedding stage ideas will make your special day memorable.